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Friday, January 16, 2015

Lucas Kerr Debuts On NBC's "Days Of Our Lives"!

 Here's Lucas Kerr debuting on Friday's "Days Of Our Lives"!

Tiago Bariqueli By Cristiano Madureira!

Way model Tiago Bariqueli photographed by Cristiano Madureira!

Sam Harwood For Sid Magazine!

Promod model Sam Harwood photographed by Jon Gorrigan for Sid Magazine!

Paraskevas Boubourakas For Horse Magazine!

Nologo model Paraskevas Boubourakas & LA Model Cristina Tosio by Jaume de la Iguana for Horse Magazine.

More Dorian Reeves by Taylor Miller!

Mode model Dorian Reeves photographed by Taylor Miller!

Video: André Hamann For St. Emile!

Kult model André Hamann in a video by Joachim Baldauf for St. Emile!

Video: Jarrod Scott For H&M Sport!

Kult model Jarrod Scott in a video for H&M Sport!

Christian Hogue By Al Bruni!

Soul Artist Management model Christian Hogue photographed by Al Bruni!

Seth Kuhlmann by Sean Kilkenny!

Soul Artist Management model Seth Kuhlmann by Sean Kilkenny!

Seth Kuhlmann By Shaun Michelsen!

Seth Kuhlmann by Shaun Michelsen!

Janis Danner By Justin Violini!

Janis Danner photographed in Cape Town by Justin Violini!

Freddie Dresner & Lew By Cameron McNee For Phoenix Mag!

Cameron McNee photographs Freddie Dresner @Supa and Lew @Established in "Air Force" for Phoenix Magazine, with styling by Crystal McClory and grooming by Craig Taylor!

Garrett Neff For NetWork Summer 2015!

Way model Garrett Neff photographed by Koray Birand for NetWork Summer 2015!

Thursday, January 15, 2015

Sight Model Dimytri Lebedyev!

Sight Model Dimytri Lebedyev is the male half of Wednesday's Daily Duo at!

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