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Saturday, May 25, 2013

David Gandy Covers Vogue Hombre Mexico!

Ford model David Gandy is joined by Bianca Balti on the cover of Vogue Hombre Mexico’s spring/summer 2013 issue!

Hampus Lück For Belstaff!

Mega model Hampus Lück for Belstaff Fall 2013!

Chris Dattola For Élevée!

Soul Artist Management model Chris Dattola for Élevée!

Ronald Epps At Wilhelmina!

Wilhelmina model Ronald Epps was the Model Of The Week at!

Friday, May 24, 2013

Brent Black By Joseph Lally!

Brent Black photographed by Joseph Lally!

Mario Loncarski For Wiener Magazine!

Mario Loncarski photographed by Andreas Waldschütz for Wiener magazine!

Nick Kopytyuk By Sean Gomes!

Nick Kopytyuk photographed by Sean Gomes! (Source:Image Amplified)

Joe Locicero For N2N Bodywear!

Joe Locicero for N2N Bodywear!

Miguel Iglesias For Frankie Morello!

Miguel Iglesias for Frankie Morello! (Source: Fashionably Male)

Christian Kruse By Studio 18 Photography!

Christian Kruse By Studio 18 Photography!

Matt Janssen Digitals!

Digitals of Mode model Matt Janssen.

More Kellan Lutz By Renie Saliba For August Man!

More of Ford model Kellan Lutz photographed by Renie Saliba for August Man!

Quicksilver To Appear In X-Men Days Of Future Past!

According to Newsarama, Marvel's Quicksilver will join the cast of thousands set to appear in the next X-Men film, Days Of Future Past, which is based upon the comic book arc of the same name (in which Pietro Maximoff, Quicksilver, did not play a role), which means that Sony, which has the rights to the X-Men characters, and Marvel/Disney, which is producing the current crop of Avengers related flicks, will both be using the speedy mutant in their movies. Pietro and his sister Wanda, the Scarlet Witch, were longtime Avengers before they discovered that Magneto, who had recruited them into his Brotherhood when they were teens, had all along been their father, which is in large part what ties them to the X-Men. Joss Whedon is set to use both siblings in the second Avengers outing, but Bryan Singer has only mentioned using Quicksilver, and Evan Peters has been announced as playing the role:
He doesn't have the energy or the runner's build that I would associate with Pietro, BUT I could see him as Ian McLellen's kid.

It will be interesting to see who gets cast as the Avengers' Pietro, as he should be more the age of the other Avengers and look to be the sibling of Wanda, rather than the son of Magneto.

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