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Saturday, August 25, 2012

Domenique Melchior For Armani Code Ultimate!

Wiener model Domenique Melchior is featured in the ad for Giorgio Armani's fragrance Armani Code Ultimate!

Travis Hanson Shooting With Paris Hilton!

DT model Travis Hanson will be featured in a new music video by Paris Hilton! One of them will be singing!

Friday, August 24, 2012

Model Of The Week Paul Koehler!

Paul Koehler is's Model Of The Week!

Stephen Amell For Blank Magazine!

Stephen Amell, star of the upcoming 'Arrow' on the CW, for Blank magazine!(

Arran Sly By Thomas Giddings!

Arran Sly photographed by Thomas Giddings for Hercules magazine! (Source:Morphosis)

Digital Eric Bivoino!

Digitals of DT Model Eric Bivoino!

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Superboy in Teen Titans #12!

In Teen Titans #12 Kon-El, Superboy, and Tim(Red Robin)Drake take on the Wonder Girl armor that has apparently possessed Cassie Sandsmark!
Kon is persistent, despite suffering an initial setback.
But Tim comes up with a plan:
which works to separate the armor from its host(ess)
The guys then meet someone named Diesel (really!) who was a 'boyfriend' of Cassie's with his own armor, who wants the Wonder Girl armor as well, which one would think would be no problem for Cassie to part with:
But no one wants to publish the adventures of Just Plain Cassie Sandsmark, so she HAS to get the armor back, which will occur in two issues, as next month's issue focuses on Red Robin's new origin.

This issue, as always, was written by Scott Lobdell and drawn by Brett Booth. It's nice to see Kon out of the Tron uniform, though solicits for upcoming issues imply that it's not gone for good. Original Recipe Cassie was more fun, initially aiding Wonder Woman using Olympian weapons, and later demanding actual powers from Zeus, who turned out to be her father. This Witchblade/Blue Beetle version isn't nearly as interesting nor as fun.

Paul Koehler For Idol Magazine!

Major model Paul Koehler photographed by Michael Furlonger for Idol Magazine!

Sam Way & Danny Beauchamp For Morris FW 2012!

Sam Way and Danny Beauchamp modeling for Morris Fall/Winter 2012! (Source:Bellazon)

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