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Saturday, December 24, 2011

Kaylan By Ricardo Gomez!

Kaylan photographed by Ricardo Gomez! (Source;Homotography)

Harry Shum Jr Video "Matched"!

Alex Loomans By Mackenzie Duncan!

Alex Loomans photographed by Mackenzie Duncan for The Fashionisto!

Wiener Models For Die Presse!

Wiener models Katharina Sponner, Martina Dimitrova, Manuel Traxler, Benedikt Angerer, Andrea Ojdanic, Martin Beranek, Michael Pöllinger & Lara Marchetti photographed by Oliver Gast for Die Presse magazine!

Friday, December 23, 2011

Colt Maldonado By Alex Alvarez!

Colt Maldonado photographed by Alex Alvarez! (Source:The Fashionisto)

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Renato Ferreira Covers M Mensuel #25!

Renato Ferreira covers M Mensuel #25, photographed by Rick Day!(Source:Brazil Male Models)

More Chris Petersen By David Urbanke!

More of Specimen model Chris Petersen photographed by David Urbanke for U Mag!

More Steven R McQueen For Bello Mag!

More of Steven R McQueen for Bello Mag from Steven R McQueen Online!

Bruce & Dick In The Batcave!

I really like Greg Capullo's art on the new Batman series, and in issue 4 Dick(Nightwing)Grayson pays a visit to the Batcave to check up on Bruce(Batman)Wayne, who was injured in an explosion.
Writer Scott Snyder establishes a nice dynamic between the pair.
 Bruce explains about his own history with the Court Of Owls, and that his first investigation into the group was immediately after his parents' deaths, as he couldn't accept that their deaths were the result of random violence, and not a larger conspiracy (I take issue with Snyder on this, as the randomness of the violence is key in Bruce's eventual vigilante career.), and he found nothing, but learned some valuable lessons.
Dick takes his leave to go adventure in his own book, and Bruce further looks into the Owl Court, getting more than he bargained for!

Diego Miguel For Saks!

Diego Miguel for Saks Fifth Avenue!

Nightwing #4!

After 3 decent issues that seemed to be building a nice little story arc, Nightwing #4 provides a guest artist and a guest star, with Trevor McCarthy replacing Eddy Barrows (who did the cover art, which would lead a purchaser who didn't read the credits to perhaps assume the interior as well), and Barbara(Batgirl)Gordon paying Dick(Nightwing)Grayson) a visit. The story involves Barbara trying to capture a shapeshifting criminal and teaming with Dick in order to do so. There are a couple of moments that comment on Dick and Barbara's possible past relationship in the 'new' DCU, and they part as friends.
Regular writer Kyle Higgins spends a few moments with the Dick/Raya relationship, and has Dick discover a clue as to the overall storyline, but this was filler. More next issue, hopefully with the return of Barrows.

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Chad White For TOH!

Chad White photographed by Simon for TOH! no.7!

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