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Saturday, August 13, 2011

Measuring Blake!

Also for Armani Exchange, Blake gets his inseam measured!

Blake Kutcha For Armani Exchange!

Blake Kutcha appears in the Armani Exchange 'How To Wear It' series focusing on denim...and Blake.

Chad White For Nordstrom!

Chad White models under and active wear for Nordstrom!

A Couple More Caleb Halstead For Armani Exchange!

A couple of Fall fashions modeled by Caleb Halstead for Armani Exchange!

Boss Model Paris Nicholson!

Boss model Paris Nicholson was the male half of's Daily Duo for Friday!

Friday, August 12, 2011

Digital Seth Kuhlmann!

New digitals of Soul Artist Management's Seth Kuhlmann!

Digital Landon Falgoust!

Digitals of City model Landon Falgoust (brother of Kaylan!)!

Marlon Teixeira For Armani Exchange!

Marlon Teixeira and friends pose for Armani Exchange!

Steven Patenaude By Fadli Rahman!

Chosen model Steven Patenaude photographed by Fadli Rahman!

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Andre Ziehe For ELO!

Andre Ziehe poses for ELO! (Source:Brazil Male Models)

Lucas Gil Polaroids!

Polaroids of Lucas Gil for L'EQUIPE!(Source:Brazil Male Models)

Melanie Moore Wins Season 8 Of So You THink You Can Dance!

Melanie Moore, who auditioned at the Fox Theatre in Midtown Atlanta (where I've both worked and attended shows!) won Season 8 of So You Think You Can Dance! She danced beautifully throughout the season, especially in her pairing with Marko Germar, who came in third! The following video paired Melanie with second placer Sasha Mallory, an exceptional performer in her own right! Congrats Melanie!

Kellan Lutz At Nordstrom!

Model and mannequin! Kellan Lutz at Nordstrom!

Anthony Greenfield In NYC!

Major models welcomed several of their men to NYC, including Anthony Greenfield (who probably scared the other guys!) above.

Tucker Des Lauriers By Torian Lewin!

Tucker Des Lauriers photographed by Torian Lewin! (With thanks to Yerrowasian!)

MOAR Caleb Halstead For Armani Exchange!

While I have to admit that it was disappointing to find that Caleb Halstead wasn't cast in the Fall Armani Exchange campaign, it's nice to see that they ARE using him as a model for more of their online catalog styles! (WHY is this guy not HUGE?)

Superman Go Home!

In this preview of the cover for Superman #3, due out in November and drawn by Rags Morales, the theme of the new DCU being 'anti-alien' surfaces, as has been brought up by DC's creative staff as a way in which the 'new' DCU will be different than the current one, which has supposedly been more welcoming (DC's competitor, Marvel, has had success with making their universe both anti-mutant and anti-superhero., and, while it's true that there hasn't been blatant anti-alien sentiment expressed by the DCU populace, the theme of Earth folk turning on the Super Family is not a new one, as evidenced by the following covers of the past:

Billy Morgan By Troy Mattison Hicks!

Ford model Billy Morgan has fun with sunglasses in this feature shot by Troy Mattison Hicks for Fantasticsmag!

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