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Saturday, July 30, 2011

Sven Again!

Photographer Sam Scott Schiavo presents more of Wam model Sven!

Chris Hemsworth Huntsman Promo!

Promo pic for Chris Hemsworth as 'The Huntsman' in the upcoming 'Snow White & The Huntsman' film!

Marlon For A/X!

Busy day today! Gotta run, but a couple of quick posts before I do! First up, Marlon Teixeira modeling Armani Exchange!

Friday, July 29, 2011

Eric Bivoino By Brian Kaminski!

Nous model Eric Bivoino photographed by Brian Kaminski!

New Avengers Stills!

New stills of Chris Evans (above) as Captain America and Chris Hemsworth (below) as Thor in the upcoming (June 2012) Avengers movie!

Eric Bivoino Update!

SMG model Eric Bivoino LA update!

Mario Loncarski For Name It Magazine!

Wiener model Mario Loncarski photographed by Julia Spicker in "Upside Down You Turn Me" for Name It magazine!

Digital Rob Wilson!

Nous model Rob Wilson new digitals!

Branden Haley By Christos Karantzolas!

Major model Branden Haley photographed by Christos Karantzolas!

Digitals of Elmer Olsen model Nick Bateman!

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Aaron O'Connell For My Habit!

Aaron O'Connell models J.Campbell for My Habit!

Superboy In Teen Titans #98!

Issue #98 of Teen Titans begins with a couple of action scenes before presenting flashbacks that lead up to the later combat, such as these first two involving the aftermath of the break up of Conner(Superboy)Kent and Cassie(Wonder Girl)Sandsmark.
 As has been the case for most of this run of the series, Rose Wilson is waiting in the wings as a potential partner for the Teen of Steel:
 This time around, Conner seems as if he'll reciprocate, but not just yet:
The action comes as the Titans are attacked by a group whose members each have a personal grudge against a current member of the Titan team. In Superboy's case, it's Superboy Prime, an other-dimensional version of Superboy who is quite a bit more powerful than Conner!
Conner does fairly well against him this time, though:
Until the team is seemingly faced with a group of Superboys, each a version of Conner since his debut!
Artist Nicola Scott understandably bailed on this issue, replaced by Eduardo Pansica, who does a decent job of maintaining the look of the book under Scott. Ms. Scott hasn't been a very reliable artist during the current run of the title, but the fact that she is not a part of the DC September relaunch might have something to do with her not completing the series, and one can hardly blame her. J T Krul continues as writer, and is scheduled to finish the current series with issue #100! Which means both issues 99 and 100 in August!

Timmi Radicke For DSquared!

Sight model Timmi Radicke for Dsquared2 2012 Resort Collection Lookbook.

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