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Saturday, July 09, 2011

Mehcad Brooks In Necessary Roughness!

If you're watching USA's new show "Necessary Roughness", you've already caught Mehcad Brooks as Terrence King. If not, catch the show on Wednesdays at 10 p.m.!

Teen Wolf Guys!

You may have noticed that the last few Blog posts featured Colton Haynes as Jackson on MTV's Teen Wolf. I was planning on including them in some regular postings, but Blogger wouldn't allow me to upload them, so I just linked the ones I'd already posted on You Tube. I've admired Colton Haynes since his modeling days, and enjoyed him on 'The Gates' before it ended. He's doing a great job on this show, and they've given him more to do as each episode has progressed. Looking forward to more.
Another real find on Teen Wolf is just how hot Tyler Hoechlin has become!

Colton Haynes_Teen Wolf_S01E06.avi

Colton Haynes_Teen Wolf_S01E05.avi

Colton Haynes_Teen Wolf_S01E04.avi

Colton Haynes_Teen Wolf_S01E03.avi

Colton Haynes_Teen Wolf_S01E02.avi

Colton Haynes_Teen Wolf_S01E01.avi

Big Brother Season 13!

CBS' 'Big Brother' is back for its 13th season, and it proves to be as unlucky as the number would imply in terms of eye candy of the masculine kind (there is a stunning female model named Cassi Colvin on the female side of things) except for Dominic Briones, seen in his modeling pics above and below. Dominic's easy on the eyes and seems to have a pleasant personality. He's a college student, and, as per usual for the show, is telling a slightly different story to his fellow houseguests than his bio reveals. I hope he sticks around for a bit.

Brian Shimansky For Macys!

Brian Shimansky for Macys!

Friday, July 08, 2011

Magomed Dadakaev By Kosmas Pavlos

Wiener model Magomed Dadakaev photographed by Kosmas Pavlos!

Alex Loomans For Blanco!

Alex Loomans photographed by In House España for Blanco Fall 2011!(Source:Labs Daily)

Diego Miguel For Details!

Diego Miguel demonstrates ab exercises for Details magazine as photographed by Eric Ray Davidson!(Source:Labs Daily)

Thursday, July 07, 2011

Nick Youngquest By Mike Rosenthal!

Nous model Nick Youngquest photographed by Mike Rosenthal!

Superboy #9!

I called it!
Psionic Lad was sent from the future to kill Simon Valentine, not the more obvious Conner(Superboy)Kent! Much of Superboy issue #9 involved characters calling each other out on annoyances,almost as if writer Jeff Lemire knew that not only was the title coming to a conclusion shortly, but that, with the DC Comics reboot in September, so were for all practical purposes, the characters and concepts involved. Consider this exchange between Lori Luther and Simon Valentine observed by the aforementioned Psionic Lad:
And the following between Superboy and the Phantom Stranger:
But the issue isn't all talk. In the 'Hollowville' underneath Smallville (more specifically the Took Compound, now the site of the Luthor home), Conner finds that several clones have been made of him, waiting to be filled with souls by Tannarak, an evil magician old foe of the Phantom Stranger! Conner and Krypto are attacked by the Took and the Hollows:
and, surprisingly, seemingly the Stranger himself, who does his own bit of citing character annoyances:
Before revealing the true Phantom Stranger:
Hmmmm. The Stranger isn't in any of the solicits for the new DC line-up. I wonder... To be continued, if only for two more issues.

Ram Boneh By Remi Pyrdol!

Request model Ram Boneh photographed by Remi Pyrdol!

Fraser Barke!

Fraser Barke is a model from Vancouver featured on

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