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Saturday, May 28, 2011

Travis Hanson By Joseph Sinclair!

Soul Artist Management model Travis Hanson photographed by Joseph Sinclair and styled by Miyako Johnson!

Chris Hemsworth By Doug Inglish!

Thor actor Chris Hemsworth photographed by Doug Inglish and styled by David Thomas for Wonderland magazine! (Source:Opus)

Friday, May 27, 2011

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Whose Country?

So last month in Action Comics #900, there was this controversial moment:
It happened in a short back-up story to the main one involving the Super family, Luthor, and the Doomsdays, but involved a significant change in Superman himself. DC has not, to my knowledge, cleared up whether Clark Kent actually gave up being a U.S. Citizen, or whether this applied only to a special citizenship which Superman, as a public figure, enjoys, which I believe was given by John F. Kennedy, in the manner of a mayor gifting a key to a city. In general, DC, unlike rival publisher Marvel, tends to utilize fictional figures who may or may not have a resemblance to real life counterparts, but JFK was an exception. Another exception, though unnamed, appears in Action Comics #901:
Earth is under attack, and the President, who looks a LOT like Barack Obama, makes a televised request for Superman's assistance. Notice that he refers to America as 'your country'. Is this Fauxbama saying all is forgiven? Is it DC reneging on the whole renunciation of last issue? Perhaps they realize they went too far? A telling sign is that DC decided to break their pattern of fictional leaders (previously, the United States Presidency in the DC Universe was held by Lex Luthor and Pete Ross) and go with Fauxbama as the President who might mend fences with Superman, as Pete Ross or any other fictional figure wouldn't have the same impact. 
  Personally, I'd like to have seen Superman's renunciation at least touched upon in a conversation with his wife, Lois Lane, an American citizen, and/or his mother, Martha Kent, an American citizen who raised him as an American, along with her recently deceased husband, Superman's adoptive father, Jonathan Kent, an American citizen who no doubt has been spinning in his grave since the previous issue.

Eric Bivoino By Bell Soto!

Nous model Eric Bivoino photographed by Bell Soto!

Taking Aim With Steve Boyd!

Looking for all the world like the next big action hero, Soul Artist Management model Steve Boyd takes aim and poses with various genre accessories for photographer Greg Vaughan!(There HAS  to be a video somewhere!)

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