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Friday, May 20, 2011

Digital Justin Halley!

Digitals of Major model Justin Halley!

Zatanna Vs. The Spectre!

It's been awhile since I posted any Zatanna, not because the book's been bad, just that nothing was as exciting as when Cousin Zach guest-starred. It's been a pretty solidly crafted title, though, and issue #13 breaks Brother Night out of prison and builds him as an adversary who will be some trouble for the fetching title magician. While that's happening, though, Zatanna receives a warning that implies that she will go head to head with the DC Universe's Spirit of Vengeance, The Spectre. Though somewhat out of her depth, Zatanna takes it upon herself to confront him directly:
I love their exchange! No one else in the DCU would have the audacity to call Spectre a 'cosmic douche' to his face, but it's totally within Zatanna's character to do so! This is how they leave things:
The book has found its footing, I think, and I'm excited to see what's to come! (Hopefully, more Zach!) The writer is Paul Dini, Zatanna's best scribe, having written her in many media over the years, and one of the few who 'gets' her. Interior artist Jamal Igle, whose work on the Supergirl book I never enjoyed, does tremendously on this title. And the cover artist is the amazing Adam Hughes!

Snacking With David Webster!

Rufskin model David Webster enjoys a snack in Brazil. Can you tell I woke up hungry?

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Renato Ferreira By Felix DaSilva!

Renato Ferreira shows the results of his daily training regimen in these photos by Felix Dailva!

Behind The Scenes For Matistache!

Kaylan and Filip Gustavsson show off a bit above, while Renato Ferreira is seen behind the scenes below during their shoot with Justin Violini for Matistache, the result of which we posted here previously.(Sources: and

Colin Brazeau By JohnTan!

John Tan photographs and interviews Colin Brazeau for 'Solaris'! Colin, it turns out, is a musician and student, as well as a model. Check out his interview at Mr. Tan's site!

Simon Nessman For Ralph Lauren Rugby Beach!

Simon Nessman models summer apparel for Ralph Lauren Rugby Beach Shop!

Superboy In Teen Titans #95!

Image Hosted by
When we left the Teen Titans in issue #94, Rose(Ravager)Wilson had been captured and replaced by a demon in the strange dimension where the group is searching for several missing folk. DemonRose focuses her attentions on Conner(Superboy)Kent and we get the kiss that I had been afraid would involve the real Rose, based upon previous behavior:
Image Hosted by
Conner is taken aback by the advance, but, again, based on previous behavior, doesn't immediately suspect that this isn't Rose. A more direct assault comes from another source, though, as:
Image Hosted by
Conner moves quickly against the new foe:
Image Hosted by
but isn't prepared for an assault from the rear:
Image Hosted by
The other Titans show up, but the issue ends with all save two (including newbie Solstice) captured, their powers used to fuel a larger threat! Since this storyline is the one that brings Solstice onto the team, it's a safe bet that she'll get them out of this. But that will have to wait until next month! (JT Krul wrote the issue, while Nicola Scott provided the lovely artwork. What can I say? I love her Conner!)

Michael Pöllinger By Philipp Jelenska!

Wiener models Michael Pöllinger and Harun Turan are photographed by Philipp Jelenska in 'Pool Pleasures' for Vangardist Magazine!

More Kaylan By Rick Day!

Kaylan is photographed by Rick Day! (

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

More Nathan Owens For IZOD!

Major model Nathan Owens for IZOD!

Diego Miguel For Colcci!

Diego Miguel photographed by Thiago Bellini for Colcci! (Source:Simply Male Models)

Ben Elliott By Scott Hoover!

Nous model Ben Elliott as photographed by Scott Hoover!

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