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Saturday, May 14, 2011

A Little Blues With Aaron O'Connell!

Aaron O'Connell does a little blues improv and proves once again what a talented guy he is!

David Jensen For Skyler!

David Jensen for Skyler! (Source:Brazil Male Models)

Arthur Keller Video!

A video of model Arthur Keller from Red Model Management!

Digital Joey Kirschner!

Digitals of Soul Artist Management model Joey Kirschner!

Igor Augusto In BG Magazine!

Igor Augusto in BG magazine Miami from Soul Artist Management!

Josh Kloss For Civil Society!

Josh Kloss models for Civil Society Clothing's Fall & Holiday 2011 Collection photographed by Will Taylor! With the summer in full swing it's refreshing to see a little winter! (Source:Modelhommes!)

David Enrico At City!

Polaroids of David Enrico at City Models!

Friday, May 13, 2011

Smallville Series Finale Tonight!

After ten seasons the CW's 'Smallville' finishes its run tonight, with a two hour finale, featuring, among other things, the return of Michael Rosenbaum as Lex Luthor! Tom Welling's Clark Kent will hopefully finally put on the Super suit and become Superman!
The series began with the premise of exploring young high-schooler Clark's gradual discovery of his Kryptonian origins and the super-powers that came about from his arrival on Earth. The comics had made a passing reference to Clark and his future arch-enemy Lex having been friends in Smallville, but the show made a point of exploring that relationship. The show also divided the character of Lana Lang, a teen-age version of Superman love interest Lois Lane, into two characters: Chloe Sullivan, curious wannabe reporter, and Lana Lang, perfect girl-next-door and trouble magnet. Lana was presented as Clark's true love, which made it difficult to sell Lois Lane once the show decided to introduce the character. By that time, Metropolis, a stand-in in the comics for New York City, rather than being across the country from Smallville, Kansas, had become a daily commute away for the Smallvillers who started working for the Daily Planet. The notion of Clark leaving the farm and Lana behind in order to become a Planet reporter and Superman in Metropolis took a back seat to Clark's desire to shack up on the farm with Lana, while his mother moved away.
 In this final season, Clark has sold the farm  and moved in with his partner at the Daily Planet, Lois Lane, to Metropolis. They were engaged until last week's episode. We'll see where the show leaves them.

Francisco Escobar By Jesse Jacobs!

Request model Francisco Escobar photographed by Jesse Jacobs!

What's The Point?

Flashpoint, the new 'big event' at DC Comics, debuted this week, by Geoff Johns, Andy Kubert, and Sandra Hope! It follows Silver-Age Flash Barry Allen:
who finds himself in another universe, minus his powers, but with some familiar, yet altered, inhabitants of the new location, including Batman:
and the Marvel Family :
who collectively call forth, ala Captain PLanet, Captain Thunder:
The major plot of the series, besides getting Barry home, centers around a war between the new universe's Atlantis, led by Aquaman, and THemiscyra, led by Wonder Woman, which has devastated Europe. Should be interesting.

Around Buckhead!

Just some shots from my neighborhood!

Zac & Jordan Stenmark At FTAPE!

Stenmark Twins at FTAPE!

Digital Renato Ferreira!

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