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Saturday, May 07, 2011

More Caleb Halstead Behind The Scenes!

Another shot of Caleb Halstead behind the scenes for the Armani Exchange Summer 2011 campaign!

Mario Loncarski Drafted!

Wiener and Soul Artist Management model Mario Loncarski (above photographed by Greg Vaughan) is interviewed by Pony Rider here. Apparently, as a Viennese citizen, Mario has to join the military for at least 6 months, which is the major part of the question and answer session. Also, Mario likes ice cream.
The above pic by photographer Rick Day!

More Steven Patenaude For MensUnderwearStore!

Image Hosted by
Steven Patenaude models new styles for MensUnderwearStore!
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Caleb Halstead Model Profile!

Armani Exchange profiles its Summer 2011 campaign models, including Banner Boy Caleb Halstead! "Caleb Halstead, born in Iowa, is an American model who was discovered by a family friend. After lettering in varsity sports in high school, he moved to New York.
His modeling career has steadily grown, being featured in print ads for American Apparel and Abercrombie & Fitch. Some of the notable names he’s worked with include Steven Klein, Jeremy Kost, Greg Vaughan and Bruce Weber.
Besides sports, music is a huge part of his life. His favorite artists are Ben Harper, Two Spot Gobi and Kalai."

Friday, May 06, 2011

Kerry Degman By Daniel D'Ottavio!

Soul Artist Management model Kerry Degman photographed by Daniel D'Ottavio!

Digital Degman Three!

Kerry Degman continues his New York tour with digitals for Male Model Scene!

Thor Opens Tonight!

The movie 'Thor' opens this evening, starring Chris Hemsworth as the title character, and it was pretty darn good! See it! Verily.

Super Ladies' Night On Smallville!

Smallville airs its penultimate episode this evening, revisiting a common Superman trope of investing Lois Lane with superpowers, making her a 'Superwoman'. On Smallville Lois is played by Erica Durance, but Teri Hatcher had her turn as 'Ultra Woman' on Lois & Clark, and the comic book Lois became 'Superwoman' as early as the 1940s and as recently as last year's All-Star Superman (above).
 Also significant tonight is Laura Vandervoort's return for a final appearance as Clark's Kryptonian cousin Kara, AKA Supergirl!

Chad White For Armani Exchange!

Chad White shows some leg modeling shorts for Armani Exchange!

Buckhead In May!

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Just some shots of my hometown, Buckhead, a grear part of Atlanta, Georgia!
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Image Hosted by
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More Colin Brazeau At Adam!

Some more revealing shots of Adam new face Colin Brazeau!

Colin Brazeau At Adam!

New face at Adam Model Management, Colin Brazeau.

Superboy #7!

Image Hosted by
Issue #7 of Superboy takes place after the whole Doomsdays showdown, so we can assume that, even though it hasn't been published yet, Conner(Superboy)Kent survives intact (one of the pitfalls of putting out endless continued storylines), as he and houseguest from the future Psionic Lad do a little space exploration.
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They find an injured alien (who does not bequeath them a ring) and some alien plants, and things go downhill from there.
Image Hosted by
Conner is affected by the plants and is convinced that he has destroyed Smallville and those he loves, teaming with Simon Valentine (foreshadowing?), and turning Lori Luthor and Tim Drake against him. The culmination is a tug-of-war mentally between a ghostly Martha Kent and Lex Luthor, each trying to influence Conner toward good and evil respectively.
Image Hosted by
Conner comes to his senses, destroys the plants, and finds out that the ship was heading straight toward Smallville.This was written by Jeff Lemire, so one assumes that it ties in with the regular storyline, but, like last issue's obligatory Doomsday tie-in, it felt like filler. On top of that, for me, the Marco Rudy art did no help. Apparently, Pier Gallo is back next issue, and Conner returns to Smallville, so I am looking forward to that!

Thursday, May 05, 2011

Zac & Jordan Stenmark By James Demitri!

Zac & Jordan Stenmark photographed by James Demitri for Geil magazine! (Source:FTAPE)

Steve Boyd Video Go-See!

Soul Artist Management model Steve Boyd, a long-time Idle fave, is the focus of this video go-see!

Kerry Degman By Andrew Weir!

Soul Artist Management model Kerry Degman photographed by Andrew Weir!

Caleb Halstead Behind The Scenes For Armani Exchange!

Banner guy Caleb Halstead, featured in the Shorts Story ad above, is seen behind the scenes in the following photos from the Armani Exchange Style Splash campaign photographed by Matthew Scrivens!

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