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Friday, September 25, 2009

Raphael, my favorite new Sim from Sims 3! He's a budding guitarist and an all-around fun guy. Still can't cook, and thus a danger in the kitchen, but, hey, every Sim has his faults!
New pics of Ryan Daharsh for Mens Underwear Store
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Thursday, September 24, 2009

There's been raining and flooding in Georgia this past week, and, though I've managed to get a good run in each day, the lack of sun changes one's mood drastically, and reading comics like DC's Vertigo line Madame Xanadu goes perfectly with the atmosphere. Madame Xanadu, when first introduced in the regular DC line, was a supernatural character who aided people in dealing with forces beyond their ken. She had a curio shop/fortunetelling establishment in Greenwich Village and characters often commented that the shop seemed to have always just been there, these observations being written back in the 70s before Google might verify the shop's length of operations. Madame X would advise her clientele until the point came where she had to actually lend a hand, which usually involved manipulating or using magical objects. The book she headlined, Doorway To Nightmare, only lasted a few issues, and the character was a supporting player in two Spectre series, most often giving tarot or crystal ball readings.

Currently, in the main DCU, she has been blinded by the Spectre, with the 'blind seer' thing apparently imparting enough irony that the impairment hasn't been reversed. Vertigo, however, started publishing the Matt Wagner/Amy Reader Hadley series, which has fleshed out Madame X's history (herstory?) beginning with an origin as Nimue around the time of Camelot. A beautifully drawn and award winning series, my only problem with it was that the character couldn't really affect events such as the French Revolution or Jack the Ripper's killing spree, as they in fact occurred historically.

The next story arc, written by Matt Wagner once again, but drawn by Wm Kaluta, an earlier Madame Xanadu illustrator, was based in another historical time, but involved a fictional mystery (though there was background that took place with Xanadu's character during the Spanish Inquisition) and could therefore have Madame Xanadu take an active role in the conclusion, as seen here.

Another arc, this time drawn once again by Hadley begins shortly. Neither version is 'better', IMO. It just depends upon one's tatse and mood. Well worth a read on a rainy day, though, in either case.
Ran across new modeling pics of Ryan Daharsh, a fairly familiar male model presence on the internet and in various commercials and catalogs. He's a less typical model story in that he began his career as a fitness model, leaning toward 'bodybuilder',

but switched gears and toned down his physique in order to do more mainstream modeling. Not emaciated enough to do high fashion, he still gets a lot of underwear gigs as well as clothed shoots, as seen below. Personally, I think his face looked better with the more muscled look. I would venture a guess that that's actually more his body's natural state.

Anthony Baldwin got more work, as seen here:Indian Summer by Cyprien Leym by way of Just Male Models Blog
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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

It looked like Katie Holmes had made a break for it the other day, but apparently Tom was hot on her heels! (Okay, it was probably a friendly jog, but one wonders sometimes.)
All good things must come to an end, and this week ended DC Comics' Wednesday Comics experiment. While I enjoyed the heck out of it, whether it was successful enough for another turn remains to be seen. So how did things end? In Metamorpho the Element Man, Gaiman and Allred gave us a cool, quirky ending that worked with what had gone before:

Supergirl and the Superpets had an ending that was as cute as the series had been all along:

Some strips I didn't post each week, even though they were cool, ended nicely as well, including Superman, Hawkman, and Kamandi:

In other comics, Blackest Night: Superman continued, with problems for Superman, Superboy, Supergirl, and even Martha Kent:

My money's on Martha!
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