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Saturday, September 19, 2009

So, we're getting a lot of rain in Georgia right now, and the last thing I want to do is run outdoors. So, obviously, the thing to do is actually go through with the run. Fortunately for me, I've always been an addict, and shifting addictive behavior from negative addictions to positive addictions is probably the best way of channeling destructive behaviors.
My self-Sim from Sims 3, for example, both bartends and jogs. But it's a juice bar! Really!

It's two weeks now without a Green Jobs Czar, which, to me, implies heavily that we really didn't need one. Perhaps some of the cost-cutting that President Obama says will pay for Obamacare could come from removing unnnecessary Czars for a start?
A few more pics of recent Idle fave Marlon Teixeira, from runways to SAKS online catalog:

And, finally, for the weekend, Behind the Lens from Armani Exchange, "Fit Day", featuring Kerry Degman and a fully revealed Carlos Freire:

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Coincidentally, it's both Constitution Day AND Day Eleven without a Green Jobs Czar (not mentioned in the Constitution).
Today we have pics of Anthony Baldwin (seen on Idle previously) by Doug Inglish:
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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Wednesday Comics are fast reaching their conclusion, as this is week 11 of 12! Spoilers ahead for Metamorpho, the Element Man...........'ll recall that Rex and Urania, the Element Girl, were goners last week, and circumstances were bleak indeed! This week:

To be concluded...
Supergirl interfaces with the aliens, and it looks like the Superpets to the rescue next time!

Finally, a random image of Dominick Fransisco:
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That's all for now! (BTW, Day TEN without a Green Jobs Czar!)

Monday, September 14, 2009

I figured if anyone would have a problem with Taylor Swift, it would be Saving Jane, whose older "Girl Next Door" video is so similar to the one for "You Belong With Me", seen here:

But, apparently, Kanye West was more interested in advocating for Beyonce. Kanye, who spoke so eloquently in the past over the Hurricane Katrina disaster, is truly a class act. Actually, Mrs. Z. showed some class in offering Taylor a 'moment' at the VMAs when she won her award, but it wasn't really Mrs. Z's to give to Taylor, was it?
Interesting fashion show at Commonwealth Utilities Spring / Summer 2010 Fashion Show at the Astor Place, featuring Chad White and Kerry Degman, previously paired at Contributing Editor and linked here on Idle. Some pics from Beauty &The Bum
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Also walking this weekend, Marlon Teixeira:
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BTW, Day Nine without a Green Jobs Czar. Just saying.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

As we head into the second week without a Green Jobs Czar, I was noticing the contrast between two Joe Wilsons. The old Joe Wilson, married to Superspy Valerie Plame, was a darling of the Left back when 'outing' a CIA operative, even a desk jockey, was considered a bad thing. In the current Administration, where 'outing' and bringing up on charges, CIA operatives is considered 'just', we haven't heard a word from the couple. Hmm. What a difference an election makes. The current Joe Wilson in the news, who had the unmitigated gall to actually call President Obama out on his lies in the showspeech last week, is not being given the hero treatment in the media that the earlier Joe did. While I agree that the Congress need not devolve into a shouting fest during a Presidential Address, I think Ann Coulter got it right when she pointed out that a quiet speech in which neither side made a display of partisanship would be a great scenario, especially as the geriatric Congresspeople having to bounce up and down at prescribed moments for 'impromptu' standing ovations might tax even their elite healthcare. Now it appears that Speaker Nanny Pelosi might take Wilson to the House floor for a spanking for his outburst of 'You lie!' during the President's speech. Just remember that when Nanny P spanks Joe Wilson, she spanks all of us that disagree with her Totalitarian Rule. My behind already hurts.
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On a lighter note, it looks as if Nick Riback gaymarried Aaron O'Connell:
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Okay, it's just an editorial, but my heart sank a bit.
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