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Friday, August 28, 2009

It's MORE Dominick Fransisco @ Red Models, this time shot by Kevin Polvent:
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and live action!

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

In honor of Senator Ted Kennedy's passing, legislation should be passed requiring that EVERY American be taught to swim! It would be an appropriate memorial.
Heard some rumors lately which I can neither confirm nor deny:

1.That wannabe Levi Johnston is now doing gay porn under the name of "Puck".
2.That President Obama placed former American Idol judge Paula Abdul on the short list for the next Supreme Court Justice.
3.That Nanny Pelosi had her face declared 'infrastructure' in order to have TARP pay for repairs.
Metamorpho, the Element Man,and Urania, the Element Girl, chart out the Periodic Table this week in Wednesday Comics.

And elsewhere, it's guest star week, as Doctor Mid-Nite and his pet owl join Supergirl, Krypto and Streaky!

Hawkgirl makes an appearance in Hawkman!

Sandman meets Madame Xanadu in issue 14:

and, in Detective 856, Bette Kane meets current Batwoman Kate:

Bette is currently the non-Kryptonian Flamebird in the DCU, and previous versions of both characters were Kathy and Betty Kane, the original Batwoman and Bat-Girl.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

One of my favorite comic series growing up was Teen Titans, a group originally consisting of sidekicks of various adult superheroes in the DC Comics Universe. The comic's popularity waned after awhile, as these things do, and in issue 25, it was time for a 'bold new direction', which meant involving the Titans in an event which would make them rethink costumed adventuring and becoming junior community rganizers, at least for a time. Robin, the only Titan enjoying popularity outside the series, left to go to college, and the group carried on, adding two new members, the first to have no ties to existing DC comics characters. Lilith, a mysterious redhead, was the first, and my focus today. She 'knew things' long before a similar character named Layla was introduced in X-Factor over in Marvel Comics, and her powers were later more defined as psychic and precognitive. Lilith also dabbled in mystic arts, and was important in stories with a mystical focus. Introduced as a 'go-go dancer' at the Canary Cottage, she joined the team with no code name or costume, and became an
important factor in many stories prior to the cancellation of the original series.

Fiercely independent, Lilith had her own van, and a motor bike, which she used to travel the country in a series of back-ups where she searched for her birth parents. Though she was unsuccessful in her quest, it could be pointed out that fellow Titan Donna (Wonder Girl) Troy took many more years to undertake such a search, and enlisted Robin's aid in doing so.

When a new Teen Titans book was published, Lilith was noticeably absent, and various new members were created. At the end of this second run, a last ditch effort was made to spark interest, and Lilith and her caveboy-from-another-dimension boyfriend, Gnark, were incorporated in a group called the West Coast Titans. The book's run ended there, thankfully. Lilith was poorly portrayed, and the less said about her appearance the better. Lilith fared differently in her appearance in the extremely popular New Teen Titans series. Much later in that incarnation, Lillith showed up to be a bridesmaid at Donna Troy's wedding. Staying in touch beyond that, Lilith aided the Titans when the demonic father of Titan Raven invaded Earth's dimension. Lilith shone during those issues, and they led into an origin story for the character that the events of Crisis On Infinite Earths would render invalid, which is fine, as the origin connected Lilith to a Titan of Myth named Thia, a weak connection at best.

Later, a character named Omen was created and looked like and claimed to be Lilith, this time with teleportational powers, and the supposed daughter of Loren Jupiter, the guy who recruited the Titans back in Lilith's debut issue. Lilith/Omen aided various groups of Titans until the "Graduation Day" event, where she was killed by a rogue Superman robot, received a private burial, and was never heard from again. Well, except for a Titans story where corpse Titans attacked and Lilith was seemingly one of them, a precursor perhaps to the current Black Lantern event, written by the same writer infact. No doubt some form of Lilith/Omen corpse will show during the Black Lantern thing, but the Titans have so many deceased members to choose from that who knows?
Since DC is able to fully extricate the unfortunate origin story involving the Titans of Myth, I would propose as well that they allow Omen to be a completely
separate character from the original Lilith, whom I like to think is living somewhere in the DCU, perhaps having finally found her mother (I'd love it to turn out to be Madame Xanadu, an extremely long-lived mystic seeress), and perhaps her father. Omen showed almost none of Lilith's qualities during her brief run, and the connection to Mr. Jupiter makes no sense. Lilith would have sensed it had that been the case. My version of thestory is that Jupiter created an android 'daughter' and based it on Lilith, his first Titan, thus explaining the private burial. Lilith would never have approached the Superman robot before the more superheroic members of the team in "Graduation Day", and was almost always out of character during the 'Omen' period. The public acceptance by the Titans of 'Omen' and later of Omen's death might be just the thing Lilith needed to be able to have a private life away from the Titans. Maybe someday, as with Madame Xanadu, we'll see the character take up residence in the Vertigo universe of DC, helping people with her precognitive and psychic abilities? But, please, DC, not as 'Omen'!

Speaking of redheads, today's model guy is Alex Loomans, whose pics speak for themselves!

And live action Alex!
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