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Saturday, July 18, 2009

My new computer is absolutely AMAZING! I think I'll be learning the ins and outs for a long time to come. Vista is quite a bit different from XP in many ways, and a lot of things that I did automatically on XP I have to relearn on the new system...but it is more than worth it! And a large, flat screen changes my world view! Watched the ultimately depressing Torchwood "Children of Earth" series last night (which I wrote about planning to do last post), and the wide screen view made it that much more involving...and harrowing! Not the ending I'd have wished for, but certainly a wrap up to the journey of Gwen Cooper, should the folks behind the franchise choose to let things stand.

I am extremely happy with Wednesday Comics, published by DC! When I was gowing up in Minnesota, my grandfather in New York used to gather the Sunday comics pages together and send them to us on weekly basis. They (and he) were SO cool! It was like getting a look at another world entirely, especially as some of those strips were on their last legs, having been published since before I was born. DC's Wednesday Comics give a page of a continuing strip each week, in the large newspaper format, including such strips as Batman, Superman, Hawkman, Metal Men, Flash, and Supergirl, each with a distinctive creative team and style. Very retro, yet at the same time, cutting edge!

Still setting up the two computers in the hope of eventual file sharing. In the meantime, there were/are files that just demanded to be added to the new system, and one group had to include Major Model Lucas Kerr! He's been in display ads at Target, and in many catalogs, as well as a number of photoshoots and runway shows (though too muscular for some designers who prefer an emaciated look ), and he's been a favorite of mine since I first noticed him. So, pics of Lucas to finish this out. I'm going to explore Vista.

Monday, July 13, 2009

Changed up the running route about a week ago, just for variety. Uncertain as to whether there's much change in distance covered (my legs and feet tell me there may well be), but the scenery sure is nice!
I missed most of the Senate hearings on Judge Sonia Sotomayor, or, as I like to call them, the Hispanic Inquisition. I KNOW the Senate is obligated to hold hearings on a nominee, but now that we are under a monarchical One Party Rule, and in the midst of a financial crisis, is it really necessary to waste time and money on shows like these? Simona, Paula, and Randy would have done a more competent job than our elected officials.

Harper's Island ended! We know WhoDoneIt! It's who I thought it was, but I didn't call the motive. I managed to get all five episodes of Season Three of Torchwood! Going to watch this evening.

A fitness model who I totally respect designed his own T-shirt and is selling them on his site. them out:
Check him out:
Also, model Benjamin Nelson Creekmore for AJAXX, just because:
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